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Sneak peek: Fibbie Tatti on indigenous women & cultural survival 

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We are so excited to welcome Fibbie Tatti, visionary advocate for Aboriginal languages and culture, to Speaking Her Mind. We asked Fibbie Tattie for a glimpse at her presentation topic, and here’s what she told us:


“The Sahtugotine of Deline on Great Bear Lake are just beginning to implement the Self-government Treaty they negotiated with Canada and the Government of the Northwest Territories. This is truly a reason for celebration.

However, it is important to remember that the Sahtugotine have been practicing self-government since time immemorial. We had to or we would never have survived.

My presentation will focus on the role women played in traditional Sahtugotine self-government and in particular how, through the rites of passage from a girl to a woman, a young woman, ‘the newcomer’ becomes a skilled and knowledgeable person who can contribute to the survival of her people.”

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