What difference can women’s voices make?

This is the question posed by Shari Graydon, author, speaker, and founder of Informed Opinions, a national initiative aimed at amplifying women’s voices in Canadian public discourse. It is the question explored in HEAR! HEaR! Voices of Canadian Women as well.

HEAR! HEaR! is the product of a pair of conferences: 2014’s Discourse & Dynamics, and 2016’s Speaking Her Mind. These conferences featured emerging and established speakers from across many disciplines and fields.

This website is intended as the portal to the collection of essays HEAR! HEaR!. It includes links to the websites of women who were featured speakers at the conferences, whose voices are “heard” in the introduction to the collection and resonate in the work of the contributing essayists.

Margaret AtwoodSylvia BashevkinFrançoise BaylisCherish Violet BloodDionne Brand Nicole BrossardMeasha BrueggergosmanRita Shelton DeverellDenise DonlonMary Eberts Charlotte GrayShari GraydonSylvia HamiltonSmaro KamboureliAntonia Maioni Lee MaracleLorna MarsdenNatalie PanekFrancine PelletierJudy Rebick Naomi SayersJanice SteinFibbie TattiLori TurnbullSiila Watt-Cloutier

“We still face the knotty evidence that much remains to be done and that important issues often lie buried until women’s voices are heeded.”

“I. Audibly Laudable: Voices of Canadian Women,” HEAR! HEaR!